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Tomelek DJ V1 Kompact

Take the Party along.

  • • Tomelek Dj V1 is a Light weighted/Compact Dj Mixer/Controller designed for bedroom DJs to international superstars and mobile Dj's. Tomelek Dj solve the problem of carrying about heavy equipment as a DJ, provided the venue is already installed with a house speaker.
  • • This is achieved by housing the external electronics you need like; Microphone in the mixer and also eliminating the necessity of cables by installing a wireless sound card receiver and transmitter in the mixer and also a wireless connection feature to link your computer to the mixer without tangling USB cables.  

Features of Tomelek DJ V1

Some features of Tomelek DJ V1


Size of a Briefcase. You can take it along with you on a plane.


8 soft-touch rubber controller/trigger pads per deck.

Custom soft-touch rubber controller/trigger with LED. Dont get limited. Customize them to your taste.


Protective Top with Cover.

Tomelek Dj V1 is cover protected. You dont need to build an external flight case or worry about a top cover to protect the buttons,Scratch pad and knobs.


ASIO drivers (CORE compliant) with minimal latency and highest audio characteristics (PC/Mac).

Inbuit wireless sound driver. Connect your computer wirelessly to Tomelek DJ V1. No need for a USB cable to hook  Tomelek to your computer. 


On-board Sound Compressor 

Inbuilt Sound compressor and talkover function.


 6 Ohms Output.

6 Ohms sound Output. You dont need to drive your Power amplify as long as Tomelek is connected to it.


More Features

Lots more of Features that Put us above our Competitors.

Making of the Prototype

Tomelek Dj V1 was designed and created by a Dj/electronic engineer. Connecting several electronics together from scratch to come up with the finished prototype.



Housing all the features in a Smart, compact,light weight Box that can easily fit in a cabin not violating airline rules.

Unlike other mixers that are in a big flight case.


Wireless Ability.

One of the wireless feature is; Connect the Smart headphone to Tomelek without a cable.


Noiseless Party Enabled.

Organise a Noise party where evryone listens to the music with his/her headphones at the same time. No need for an External Transmitter.


Dont just gather, take the party along.

Take the party even to the beach. No need for a Diesel generator to power DJ V1. As long as your car is there, start the party. No need for  powered speaker.


Wireless Speaker 

A pair of wireless loud speaker that receives transmitted sound from the mixer.

Redesigning the look!

Tomelek Manufacturing Limited

What we are doing.

We are redesigning the look of the controller, placing some knobs where they are ought to be. We are bringing the control closer to you. Because we believe it shouldn’t be far.



China, Liaoning Sheng,
Shenyang Shi

Headquartered in Nigeria


Phone: +905428748969


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